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Worst case? you end up learning something new about solar lead generation and make a connection in the industry!

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No Monthly retainers, no ad spend

we redefine the rules of solar lead generation. We offer a unique, performance-based model where you only pay only for appointments that result in a homeowner showing up. No monthly retainers, no advertising spend, just real results.

How our system works

At Opicular, we are committed to maximizing the number of qualified appointments for our clients. Our comprehensive system, from generating leads to appointment follow-ups, is streamlined, efficient, and results-driven.

  • Lead Generation: Our focus is on generating high-quality, directly opt-in leads. We have shifted our approach to leveraging our in-house advertising team and diverse marketing channels. This ensures all leads are directly opt-in and comply with FCC and TCPA guidelines for customer trust.

  • Appointment Setting: Our experienced team re-qualifies each lead, ensuring a high standard of potential clients. We set appointments effectively and maintain a robust follow-up system. With performance-based incentives, we strive to optimize every opportunity, ensuring no potential lead is overlooked.

Why us?

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Performance-Based Pricing

Pay only for results. With our unique model, you only pay for qualified appointments. No monthly retainers, no hidden costs

Total Transparency.

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Guaranteed Homeowner Show-Up

Never pay for no-shows again. We stand out from the crowd by charging only for appointments where homeowners actually show up.


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Qualified appointments

Say goodbye to shared/unqualified leads. We provide exclusive, qualified appointments generated through our in-house call center, setting the stage for higher conversion rates.



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"Never had these many appointments in a single week! I'm exhausted and out of gas, but I'll take it anyway. This is crazy! Thanks Arnav!"

"As a small solar company, I needed a cost-effective and reliable lead generation solution. Arnav exceeded my expectations. The unique approach of only charging for appointments that result in a homeowner showing up has saved me a lot of anxiety and money."




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Worst case? you end up learning something new about solar lead generation and make a connection in the industry!

Our Story:

From Facebook Ads to Guaranteed Appointments

Our founder, Arnav Sawant, moved to the United States from India as a teen to pursue his college education. During his time in college, he discovered his knack for running Facebook Ads and decided to start his own Ads Agency, opicular.

we began working with solar professionals, running ads for them, and delivering a high return on their investment. However, as the advertising space became saturated, We pivoted this strategy. We began experimenting with aged homeowner leads and eventually found a reliable lead provider. This lead provider is now our sister company, and together, we've built a robust system that consistently delivers high-quality leads to us for a discounted rate.

Our team comprises full-time appointment setters. They are fluent in English and have years of experience in solar appointment setting. Their expertise, combined with our unique lead generation system, sets us apart in the solar marketing space.

At opicular, we embody the spirit of the American Dream, demonstrating that innovation, hard work, and a customer-centric approach can revolutionize an industry. We're proud to serve solar professionals across the nation, helping them grow their businesses and contribute to a sustainable future.







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